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Tuesday 06 September, 2016 | RSS Feed

Care for students, psychological closeness

So that students see in the eyes, in mind, will naturally be willing to patronize, even enthusiastic invite other students to come to the consumer, we start to advocates and advertising staff, and that a hundred times better than their own propaganda! Furthermore, when the students to buy, we can also take some appropriate incentives, such as do not accept coins, dozens of return over how much or giving small toys, a box of drinks, etc. In short vary, flexible. I believe this means small deals can pit one against ten, gain a lot. Actually grasping economic examination, there is a way ahead and the schools cooperate and provide all kinds of examinations he talks Shipping supplies, and signed a large single business, profit more relaxed, but also a path worth exploring. I am now over 10 and the county junior high school has established good cooperative relations, income is still very good! Recall your own for so many years in dealing with economic aspects of the examination I have done is good in general, due to the ideologically attached great importance to the action fully prepared to do so handy. Taking into account the large number of students, giving them the appropriate incentives to seek increase in the number, so the overall profit is still considerable.

Comments: As the saying goes, "moving troops and horses, forage ahead." This means that particularly important preparatory work before the war. Also in order to grasp the economic examination, we must be prepared in advance. For students to psychological characteristics and consumer preferences, targeted preparations related merchandise. Taking into account the students' consumption of all large, appropriate to give the same concessions to make money, so we are doing business students grasp when to be flexible, such as price, a lot of gifts, in order to win the students happy. Such favorable and rally popular, in fact, other customers will have a certain appeal. During my student test business, more heart and soul than usual, the students take special care of customers. I thought that students generally like to make new friends, if I warm reception, improve service, so that students come first buy back their favorite products. So these students will be introduced to promote its back among their classmates, which is bound to help in their own advertising, pull customers. So during the exam, a student encounters into the store. I immediately greeted them and then pulling homemade, ask them where the exam, the exam do not be afraid to remind them flustered, encourage heavy response, calmly deal with, certainly beyond the play, to test out the good results to the group.

In fact, we have a good attitude, the high school exam test the same treatment as usual, unhurried, see the subject, buckled; additionally a hot day should pay attention to anti-cold, anti-flu; attention to diet, do not eat cold food, less greasy paella, eat more vegetables and fruits light. So let candidates look to us as parents, we feel his love, the heart will naturally feel close. Do not buy in the store Diansha sorry really did it!

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