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Fine count "Moods" cigarettes are your favorites

Birthday This day is a sunny morning, the warm sun shining, the mood along with such good weather exudes together, known for many years to come girlfriend congratulations and sent a large bouquet of flowers, we are far apart chatting, laughing; then came a young guy asked, "is there a number of low-tar cigarettes ah?"
"Ah, 'Moods' Tarzan just produced a fine low tar cigarettes, 'Moods' slogan is - cigarette a little thin, a little more healthy; now we have to pursue a healthy lifestyle, smoking also toward low tar, harm reduction trend, not just young people want to smoke, the elderly also comfortable, do not choke the throat 'Moods' soft spot. "
Own side presentation, he gave the box open, and gave him a free smoking products look;
Puffed two, he said: "smoking is good, tell you the truth, if not before I was absolutely fine smoke cigarettes, so low tar, smoke too light, the attraction is not fun, but some time ago, he had just pay. girlfriend, I smoke too much, the body is not good, so I decided to quit smoking, but smoking cessation taste really feel good, ah, girlfriend knew I was very moved up smoking for her, could not bear to see me uncomfortable, it buy me a box of low tar, light taste of cigarettes, I slowly bring the adaptation and mitigation quit irritable mood, I did not expect more and more like a low tar cigarette. "
"I really like 'Moods' packaging style, exquisite simplicity, waist slim, slender figure, a lotus mud, but not dyed, pure and noble; different kind of 'Wyatt' word writhing graceful body, and lotus echoes, perhaps this is the 'Moods' names come from;. what you can make an impetuous calm down, a kind of calm feeling to sit down and smoking products and looked at it. "
"After listening to these poetic introduction boss, I decided to buy Tarzan (Moods); there is my girlfriend's name has this 'Wyatt' words, henceforth my heart will be this 'Wyatt', and today her birthday, I bought her a gift, I buy two cigarettes, happily went home to accompany her birthday. "he went on to say.
He finished, I laughed: "too affinity, and I am also a birthday today, ah, you smoke 'Moods' pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, your beloved 'Wyatt' bless you sweet young couple happy, loving life! "
Happy always meet by chance, for the first time when a friend received a large bouquet of flowers being so excited, I was in the process of fine cigarette sales, so that customers happy and buy smoking products, but also in sales Taishan (Moods) let me also with customers at the same time gain from the common warmth and feeling.
It seems the business and the customer is not just the existence of the relationship between interest and money, just the right promotion, considerate intentions, make this monotony of the relationship, it becomes warm heart, become valuable.
Heart, love, love Wyatt, Tarzan, "Moods" - cigarettes finer, more health, better lives is our common favorite!