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How to ask our customers to order your cigarettes

Also, say, a customer shopping gifts, we sometimes act depends on the customer's appearance, wearing a pair that looks relatively dignified man he might boast a boast: "Oh, I see your brother is also a great taste of people, if you are anyone to buy such a thing, it would be better to spend a little money to buy ZZ away, some of it even more appropriate! "and so on, in short, when to recommend new customers, we have the right flexibility for consumers, with the power of praise, with rhetoric will boast a boast first customer, the customer generally in all likelihood will shake the original idea, according to the Lingshou Hu's suggestion to do it. This is where the power of praise! When customers hesitate to boast

When we encounter a customer selection of merchandise in the store repeatedly, when Yu's still hesitant, as Lingshou Hu should be good to help him (her) quickly made up attention, lest the dream of many a long day, wavering, then maybe this the business will take a long time hesitant and uncertain note in bathing in customers. So when you see the customer choose the products hesitation, we must attack the customer should be good, do not seize the opportunity to take this opportunity to boast a boast: "Oh, handsome (Li sister), I see that you choose a good ah Han also hesitant. ? "after listening to customer praise, warm heart, then praise both as a stimulant to stimulate customer interest and improve customer purchases, like reassurance can help customers make up their minds, inspire their actions. Also, for example, when customers buy cigarettes, buy cigarettes in particular gifts, take a moment uncertain note, the Lingshou Hu may seek the prior opinion: "Now I do not know what grade cigarette gift appropriate?" Then we should not hesitate to praise Lingshou Hu the word, he took the incumbent: "I see brother ah, although not as good smoke XX YY good but honorable people such as Big brother, I think YY smoke is more suitable, so that the recipient of a person to see your sincerity. You! "perhaps a few words will completely conquer the customer, so he cut the Gordian knot, quickly made up his mind. When customers pay boast

Some customers at the checkout to pay, like beheading except tail, then we had better Lingshou Hu reasonable grasp. If I see a total of over hundred dollars or more, and only a fraction of matter within the 2,3 million, let us frankly removed, left a good impression, showing the next business. Should the total amount is not big, but at a fraction of more than 4-5 million, and we have to take appropriate way to convince customers. For example: "Oh, brother (sister) ah now business is difficult, are puerile .4-5 membered perhaps you this is not the big boss Suansha, as for us it is not simple to say. brother (sister) is straightforward and generous person, I think it certainly will not care about 4-5 dollars of it. "after such a measured some proper praise, I think customers will be willing to accept, too embarrassed again to adhere to cut the head to the tail. A few simple words of praise, we can not say for customers captivated, at least it makes him feel happy happy, the feeling of pride, so there is no bargaining, and not to hesitate.