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Why should limit set smoke?

Third, can prevent really smoke transfer package. Nowadays, many Lingshou Hu due to the negligence, lack of awareness of security, leading to their cigarette packets transferred by fraudsters, lose. I tell you a simple identification skills, knowledge of code is to see smoke scam. When you're not a liar in the case of perception, the smoke transfer package, this time, you should see the smoke code immediately. If the smoke is not your code, it should pay attention to the scene, identify fraud, the cheater can not succeed. In actual operation, many Lingshou Hu quick response, was in this way, to expose the deception, the cheater can not cheat. In contrast, some do not know look barcode Lingshou Hu, deceived sleepwalk result, and so found a liar already leave the territory, fled.

Some cigarette Lingshou Hu limited supply policy not quite understand. Some said: tight to smoke less, not enough to sell, not people from other channels of purchase, such marketing policy, how to make customer satisfaction; some say: my business ability, set the number of cigarettes, to sell How much smoke. Why tobacco companies also limited, it does not comply with rules of market economy.

A: The sources of supply issue is a very sensitive topic, but also the current hot issues customers are most concerned about. Because the adequacy of supply of goods, directly related to the stability of the market, related to the vital interests of customers. Well, is not limited supply cancellation policy, the customer will be able to make money, the market will be stable? I do not think such a thing. We think of the nineties, the tobacco companies have not limited supply, "many leading water" to encourage customers to order more smoke, more inventory, the result? Market management control, cigarette prices decline, a "household cigarettes do not make money" situation. Many of the year the sale of cigarettes Lingshou Hu remember the situation. Tobacco Companies "total control, a little tight balance" sources of supply policy, the situation there has been a welcome change, the tobacco companies based on the actual operating capacity customers, suppliers customers determine quantitatively, the implementation of a limited supply tight for some brands to prevent oversupply the impact of cigarette prices. Benefits This is where the limited supply. Today, under the premise of limited supply, the market order and stability, price stability, someone not to sell cigarettes to make money? Therefore, Lingshou Hu to stand in the market perspective on this issue, rather than how much money from their own to consider the issue.

Fourth, why the price of the sale of cigarettes? Some cigarette Lingshou Hu price tag policy do not understand, some believe that, on the market, what tobacco selling much money, everyone knows, must be clearly marked superfluous, pure form, but also occupy a lot of space cigarette display cabinet. Some said: Individual tight cigarette retail prices, but the price tag or the original price, but also to change not want to change, and customers often because of price disputes. A: Nowadays, shopping supermarket, all the goods are clearly marked, customers still out, flocked happy shopping. Cigarettes must be clearly marked advantages.